About me

Who really is this nerd?

Perhaps you're wondering this. Why the vague details? Well here, I will go into more detail about myself, I guess.

I am obviously into programming. I say I do JavaScript and modern C++, but I actually program in C++ more than JavaScript. C++17 in particular. Modern C++ is my thing, so to speak.

I'm really just some random 19 year guy who does it as a hobby. I try to follow best practices as much as possible and am very systematic about how I program.

As a result, if you do using namespace std;, I will personally murder you. Well, not really. I will laugh at you though. Really though, don't do using namespace std;.

How far does your knowledge span on C++?

I'm a modern C++ nerd. With that said, it's C++, so I don't know everything and never will.

How about JS?

Enough to program in it and mess around in the HTML5 canvas or HTML DOM. The spinning hexagon in the background is made with JS. Don't get me wrong, I know some ECMAScript 6 stuff, I'm just super rusty.

What do you program though?

Either little experiments to learn more about the language, or some computer science concept. I also occasionally work on small games, and on bigger projects which often don't come to fruition. I want to program video games, but I really don't like using Unity or UE4. Perhaps that'll change some day. It's a bit hard to stay motivated when you don't have other people to work with, particularly people who have the skills you need to make a game.

What libraries and editors do you use?

For C++, I use SFML to make my games. I edit in either Code::Blocks (and compile with GCC) or Visual Studio.
For JS, HTML, and CSS, I use Notepad++. I typically don't like to use libraries with JavaScript.

Any other programming languages you're interested in learning?

In order of most interested to least interested, currently:

  1. C#
  2. Lua
  3. Python
  4. C (probably just for fun)
  5. Rust (also probably just for fun)

Markup languages?

Good thing you noticed HTML isn't a programming language! Nice!

What games do you play?

I like the Doom games. I also play some Quake games, Factorio, Garry's mod, and whatnot occasionally. I also like emulating GameCube games, because they were a big part of my childhood. There's plenty of other things I'll play. Don't expect a comprehensive list.

Why don't you put stuff on your site? I know you make stuff.

I'm mostly just too anxious to show my work to anybody. I promise stuff will be up here soon.

What are you like?

Why don't you ask and find out? Stop being socially awkward. Also spoiler alert, I'll probably call you a nerd. Nothing you can do about that.

Can I get C++ help from you?

Maybe. Probably not personally unless it's just an occasional question. I'm on a Discord server called Together C & C++. There's plenty of people on here who know more than I do about certain things, or in general. With that said, please read the rules channel, and don't randomly ping anybody.

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