I am HeXaGoN,

a nerd who likes to play around with JavaScript and modern C++. also am bad at videobam. also plays with HTML and CSS, but you should be able to tell by now.

name's actually Travis but I prefer hexagon if you don't actually know me

Check out my friends (who are big nerds):

Welcome to my my website!

It's probably going to be a minimalistic for a while, let's be real. But hey, I'm adding stuff to it. slowly. slowly...

now on a proper host

I set up NGINX, aren't I amazing?

Check out the dumb stuff I've made and actually had the gall to post here

Places you'll find me...

Status update (12 April 2021)

Sometimes I forget this site exists.

Random excerpt of the arbitrary unit of time

Did you know you can add two integers like this in C++?

long a = 2, b = 2;
long c = (long)&a[(char*)b];