I am HeXaGoN,

a nerd who likes to play around with JavaScript and modern C++. also am bad at videobam. also plays with HTML and CSS, but you should be able to tell by now.

name's actually Travis but I prefer hexagon if you don't actually know me
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Welcome to my my website!

It's probably going to be a minimalistic for a while, let's be real. But hey, I'm adding stuff to it. slowly. slowly...

now on a proper host

I set up NGINX, aren't I amazing?

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Status update (26 Feb 2018)

Yep, still pretty minimalistic. Those 6+ months of hosting and 2 years of paying for the domain name have been worth it.

Random excerpt of the arbitrary unit of time

And so HeXaGoN once stupidly said,
"I will make literally everything an std::shared_ptr."